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Entry #4


2009-05-08 05:03:19 by Triphophiptop

I got into Texas Tech today. After a high school career of a mentality of why try? I'm fucked anyway. I stopped being a little girl, gained some discipline and re-applied. Worked my ass off an essay, and have been dropping things into the art portfolio day in and out. I really want to throw an animation together soon. Life's been amazing. If you ever want to do anything, do it big. Also I draw naked men in this thread. No reference. Little sketch, took about 30 minutes.

Sup whichu guys?!



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2009-05-08 05:58:58

CONGRATULATIONS~ that's a pretty hawt picture btw

Triphophiptop responds:

Hey thanks


2009-05-08 06:03:00



2010-08-02 05:02:03

omg it's good but you gotta put a back side of the shirt :]